ANC Pro AI-Powered Earbuds Review | Is it worth buying?

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ANC Pro AI-Powered Earbuds is a noise-canceling wireless earphone design by the xFyro team. They provide a combining cutting-edge audio technology that has a style and quality at the same time.

They have a team in New York, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong that serves millions of music enthusiastic people worldwide. This project is a joint contribution of expert engineers and musicians from LA and NYC.

ANC Pro AI-Powered Earbuds Overview

With in-built AI technology, this water resistance product is perfect for everyone, no matter what your lifestyle is. You can easily use these Bluetooth earbuds while you work, travel, exercise, or walk.

Xfyro ANC filters out the incoming sound and delivers high-quality sound to the ear by blocking the unwanted noise. It recognizes over 6000+ unique sounds. 

It uses AI Transparency Mode to hear only the required sound without interrupting your chosen music. Studio-quality audio from a 7mm graphene driver delivers a fantastic sound.

The dimensions of the external carrying case is 5.3cm in height and 5.8 cm in width. And inside earphone is 2.7 cm in width and 4.1 cm in height.

xFyro xS2 Wireless Earbuds


Xfyro xS2 earbuds are 100% waterproof, that allow to listen to your favorite songs even while you are in the rain or under a shower
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ORION Wireless Waterproof Speaker


Wireless speaker that uses superior technology to produce a superior sound with powerful bass, crisp mid-highs, and crystal clear voice.
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ANC Pro AI-Powered Earbuds Top Features

xFyro ANC is designed to deliver a customized listening experience wherever you go. Below are some of the top features that will boost your music listening experience.

Transparency Mode: Transparency mode allows only to hear a required sound that needs to listen to using an AI filter. It Can recognize around 6000+ distinct audio sounds.
100-Hour Battery Life: With a full charge, xfyro ANC PRO can sustain for about 10 hours + 90 hours in carrying case.
Ergonomic Fit: Earbuds are so comfortable that one will not even know if they are there in your ear or not.
IPX5 Water Resistant: Having a water-resistant, one can easily carry with them even if it is raining outside or shine.
Dual Beamforming Mic: With an inbuild dual beaming Mic, one can quickly attend a call with a crystal clear voice without even touching a smartphone.
Touch control: With touch control, you can easily control your song from your personalized playlist and even access a phone call without touching your handset.
Digital Assistant Access: you can easily access Siri and Google assistance, surf the web, make calls with just a single tap.
Bluetooth 5.0: With Bluetooth 5.0, one can have a seamless wireless connection with instant auto-pairing.
Type C Quick Charging: With Type C, you will get 2x Fast charging.
ANC Pro wireless Earbuds Review | Top Features.
ANC Pro AI-Powered Earbuds

People’s Experiences With These Products?

People who have purchased this product are happy with its stylish design and look. Its noise cancellation capabilities work perfectly even if you are working in a noisy office.

AI filter reduces the unwanted background noise very accurately and delivers an excellent music listening experience. With all-day battery life, it adds an extra advantage to this product.

Some have also recommended this product to their friend & family because of super comfort and excellent sound. Also given this wireless earbud as a token of gift to their loved ones. 

However, Some people have faced a long shipping problem, but they are still happy with this ANC Pro as it meets rightly to their expectations.

Also, there are no many color options like it is there for xFyro xS2 Wireless Earbuds. So, you have to stick to one color.

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ANC Pro AI-Powered Earbuds

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ANC Pro AI-Powered Earbuds Review | Is it worth buying?
ANC Pro AI-Powered Earbuds Review | Is it worth buying?