Blocc Face Shield Review

We all know how dangerous it is when people sneeze or cough at your face, and you can’t help. It is true that they don’t do it purposely. But, such kind of activities does promote the spread of viruses and disease.

Like air, direct or indirect contact with unknown persons or public places can give serious health problems.

Also, frequent touching a face is a serious issue that most people are not aware of. You might be shocked to know that the average individual touches their face 16 times per hour. And this includes everyone, a common person, an educated man, and even a health expert.

Even if you wear a mask, there is always a high chance that you will touch your face, and thus this will increase the risk of you being proven to have some health issue.

You might say, I will do one thing, I’ll grab my helmet and roam in public by wearing it. That might work, but you will look stupid in front of all.

Don’t worry; I got you. You can make use of the blocc face shield. Which is designed specifically considering the style, comfort, and safety.

Feature and uses of blocc face protector shield mask

What Is A Blocc Face Shield?

As the name suggests, it’s a face protective shield specifically designed to break most people’s worst habit of touching a face frequently.

You can wear this stylish face shield, like wearing glasses or wearing a face mask. It provides protection and adds perfect style to your overall outfit.

Because of its ergonomic design and durable, washable and reusable property, the blocc raised over 1M during its crowdfunding campaign. Now it is available to deliver to its customer.

FDA registered face shield is made from impact-resistant polycarbonate. And come in 2 different designs.

If you are a person who travels a lot, prefer taking public transport or want to get rid of your nasty habit. Then it would be best if you went for this no face touching system.

This face shield is not a replacement for a face mask, and one should not consider it a substitute for a face mask. Wearing a mask is highly advised to be safe.

Design And Specification Of Blocc Face Protector.


Design :

It comes with eyeglasses like design, with the below part being extended to perfectly fit in your face leaving enough gap between your face and shield. Perfect for keeping you safe from harmful outside entities.

The medium and large design let you choose the right one, which perfectly fit your face. The blocc face shield is perfect only for adults and will not work properly for the lower age group.

For a woman, medium size will fit perfectly; for men, large size will go perfectly.


Material :

The elegant looking blocc face shield glass is made from impact-resistant polycarbonate. The same kind of material that is being used in manufacturing NASA’s astronaut helmet

Polycarbonate, a clear plastic, is perfect for manufacturing medical and military-grade accessories and other products such as lenses, protective goggles, mixer jar lids, compact disk and so on.

This material has many uses because of its various properties such as lightweight, recyclable, glass-like optical clarity and visibility.

Sunglasses average weight is about ~25g to 50g, the blocc face protector weight about 60g (for medium size face shield) and 63g(for large size face shield).


Protection :

By wearing this blocc face eyeglass, you will be very easily able to get over your habit of touching your face. It comes with fog and scratch-resistance properties.

The comfortable design and easy to use mechanism let you wear it without any hesitation, and it perfectly goes with any outfit of your choice.

The FDA registered blocc face protector shield is treated with UV380 nanometer coating that blocks UVA and UVB rays. Allowing protection to your eye and face skin.


Durability & Visual Clarity

As we discussed, the material used in manufacturing this shield is polycarbonate, the same kind of material involved in manufacturing an astronaut helmet. And we all know how tough the astronaut helmet should be?

However, it is not designed to protect your face in case of an accidental emergency such as riding a bike or cycling; in such cases, wear the respective safety gear.

The blocc is specifically designed to keep you safe from outside harmful and dangerous viruses and germs, not for serious accidental incidents.

The lightweight blocc safety tool will perfectly fit into your face without blocking any visual areas from surrounding. The Optical clarity will let you see the world as same you see with your naked eyes.


Style & Comfort :

Blocc safety tool will definitely be going to fit your outfit regardless of what your style is. It is comfortable to wear along with eyeglasses and a face mask.

The stylish face shield will not be going to act as a burden while wearing it in public. It is a perfect fashion accessory that one can wear with any outfit.

Who should have this stylish face shield?

Before going for this safety gear, you should decide where you wish to wear it? On what occasion or during what activities.

In my opinion, everyone should go for this cool looking face shield. Not because it gives comfort while wearing and has good style. One should have this to protect ourselves from dangerous viruses and germs.

The major reason why such health disease takes massive shape is because of people’s carelessness, maybe not wearing a mask in public, not covering the face while sneezing and coughing, not sanitising the hand before taking a meal, etc.

If you are a person who is highly dependent on public transport as a medium of travelling places or want to get over your face touching habits, then you should go with this face protecting accessory.

One of the main reasons why harmful germs spread so rapidly is because of introducing ourself to public places. And we unknowingly touch those surfaces, and the next frequent action we do is touch the same unhygienic hand to our eye, mouth or nose. 

However, One should not consider this a replacement for a face mask and a helmet while cycling or riding a bike.

Blocc face shield is perfect if you want to get rid of face touching habit and want to protect yourself while travelling and walking in public.

8.5Expert Score
Stylish And Good Looking

Perfect for the people who are struggling face touching habits and want to get over it. Also, it is a great lifestyle accessory that you can wear along with your favourite outfit to stay safe in public places.

Easy To Use
  • FDA registered Product.
  • Fog and scratch-resistance.
  • UVA and UVB protection
  • Perfectly goes with a face mask and eyeglasses.
  • Weight about 60-63g
  • Not a replacement for a face mask.
  • No carrying case to store – comes with a simple pouch.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it comfortable for a person who wears glasses?

Yes, Blocc leaves sufficient space around the nose and mouth area. Any glass wearing person can comfortably put this system without any hustle.

How is the Blocc protection system going to help you every day?

This Blocc face protection system act as a barrier that helps you avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth. It will help you get rid of frequent face touching habits and, as a result, protect you from harmful disease-causing bacteria that spread from person to person through touch, kisses, coughs or sneeze.

Is Original Blocc face shield available on other e-commerce platforms?

No, the Blocc official site state that as of now their original Blocc face shield is not listed on other platforms like Amazon, eBay and easy.

What activities can you perform after wearing this safety tool?

You can perform all the day-to-day activities. Along with that, this blocc safety tool is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities such as walking, jogging, cycling, travelling, etc.
Blocc Face Shield Review
Blocc Face Shield Review