Elecrow Crowdfunds Next Gen Laptop Companion With Dual Screen CrowView

14 Inch | Lightweight | Dual Monitor | Mechanical Clamping | 1080P Full HD | IPS Screen

Elecrow, a leading manufacturer of electronics, open-source hardware, and DIY kits, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of their latest device – the CrowView portable dual monitor.

As an ultra-lightweight 14-inch secondary display, CrowView aims to enhance productivity and revolutionize workflow by providing expanded screen space for laptops.

Overview of the CrowView Dual Monitor

As described on Elecrow’s Kickstarter page, the CrowView monitor attaches to laptops through an adjustable clip and USB-C plug. It adds a portable Full HD 1920×1080 display that can extend, mirror, or function with the laptop’s built-in screen.

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Linux, and Android operating systems, the CrowView has a retractable stand for up to 230 degrees of rotation. This allows optimal positioning to suit the user’s needs.

Weighing just 1.3 pounds, the CrowView is designed for easy portability and convenience. The supplemental dual-screen setup aims to save users from constant app and window switching on cramped laptop screens.

CrowView’s Intended Usability and Key Features

As a secondary monitor designed for laptops, CrowView is made to serve as a trusty companion for enhancing visual experiences in various environments.

Elecrow envisions the portable dual screen being used creatively at home or work – by artists developing inspired ideas, professionals increasing productivity, students working on homework, programmers coding, and gamers expanding their entertainment.

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Key features that facilitate these flexible use cases include:

  • Plug-and-play setup requiring only a USB-C cable
  • Adjustable stand with up to 230° rotation
  • Convenient metal clamp to attach securely to laptops
  • Rubber padding to prevent damage to the laptop exterior
  • Bright 1920×1080 Full HD display with rich color accuracy
  • Energy-saving design for portability without draining the laptop battery

According to Elecrow, the CrowView offers stunning visual clarity and vibrant colors due to its high-resolution IPS screen. The company promises silky-smooth video playback and a sharp, comfortable viewing experience.

Motivations Behind Creating the CrowView

On their Kickstarter page, Elecrow explains that the inspiration for the CrowView came from observing their team members struggling with laptop limitations.

Designers, salespeople, and employees encountered frustration and inefficiencies from constant toggling between apps and windows on single, small laptop displays. Their workflow needed more screen space.

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While some used bulky external monitors on their work desks, this limited mobility, professionals and students needed dual screen capabilities in a portable package.

Thus Elecrow set out to develop the lightweight CrowView – granting dual monitor productivity without a cumbersome multi-display desk setup.

Crowdfunding Goals and Timeline

By launching on Kickstarter, Elecrow hopes to garner funding for manufacturing and gauge broader consumer interest in the innovative CrowView.

According to their projections, Elecrow plans to start shipping CrowView units to backers as early as October 2023 if fundraising is successful.

Elecrow’s Previous Success with Crowdfunding Campaigns

This isn’t Elecrow’s first rodeo when it comes to launching crowdfunded products. The company has run several successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns in the past.

Their crowdfunding history includes the following:

  • GrowCube – A smart watering kit grows your plants like a pro
  • Crowbits – STEM toy for kids of all ages
  • CrowPi2 – Raspberry Pi Laptop & STEM Education Platform
  • CrowPi- Lead You Go from Zero to Hero With Raspberry Pi

Elecrow leverages this expertise in consumer electronics and crowdfunding again with the release of the versatile CrowView portable monitor.

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Elecrow Crowdfunds Next Gen Laptop Companion With Dual Screen CrowView
Elecrow Crowdfunds Next Gen Laptop Companion With Dual Screen CrowView

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