FARO Smart Helmet With Integrated Light Review

The problem with ordinary helmets is that they look very ugly. No doubt, They are safe and also help us protect our head from a serious injury that might occur due to a serious accident.

But, what if you don’t want to get involved in such a terrifying accident?

If we have a helmet that is smart, which is equipped with a different set of smart and advanced features. Then we can ride our bicycles even more safely and with full confidence. 

Let’s find out more about this new smart helmet from UNIT 1 FARO. And how it can help prevent serious accidents.

About the UNIT 1 FARO smart helmet

Faro is designed from a weather-proof fabric. It is a smart helmet that has everything; style, visibility, and safety. Comes with a powerful light on both sides; front and on a rear side.

That is not all, It also has a navigation remote that can be used to signal your next move to the rear passing vehicle. The brake light on the rear side glows, as you apply a brake to your moving bicycle. 

Along with indicating your next intention. You can also prevent a cycling accident that occurs due to a lack of visibility. The 2 lights are powerful enough to make you noticeable from different angles.

Apart from that, It also has other advanced features that can help you in your emergency. 

Design and Specification of UNIT 1 FARO smart helmet

A sleek, visibility-first UNIT 1 FARO smart helmet comes in 3 different sizes, 4 color options, and some extra add-ons that you can add while purchasing your smart helmet.



Power Source Battery
Battery TypeRechargeable Lithium-ion
Battery life3-10 hours depending on active features 
Battery capacity1850 mAh.
Full Charge TimeApproximately 3 hours.

App Feature:

  • Ride Tracking
  • Weather Responsive
  • Fall Detection
  • Ambient Light Responsive
  • CO2 Prevention
  • Daily Challenges
  • Light customization

Design :

LEDs15 White + 15 Red + 46 RGB
Total Output500+ Lumens 
Charging PortMicro USB Type C
SizesSmall: 52-55.5 cm
Medium: 55.5-59 cm
Extra Large: 59-62.5 cm
Bluetooth CompatibilityBluetooth 4.0
Weight580 g. (add 23 g. for FARO Mips ads-on).
ConstructionABS + PC Shell + EPS Liner
VentilationFixed, 5 vents. 
Safety-certifiedCPSC- EN1078

Navigation Remote Specification (It is a Add-on)

  • Offer 30hrs of battery life on continuous use
  • Has a Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery type
  • Has a USB type C charging port.
  • Dimension 34x34x46mm
NOTE: Mips and Navigation remote are currently sold as add-ons. This means you have to tick those options if you want to include those add-ons into your current purchase.

Top Feature of FARO smart helmets.

  • Hidden ventilation systems: Too many holes on helmets fade the style of the helmet. But, this helmet provides maximum breathability while riding a bicycle; there is a hidden intake on top and rear vents. Which provides continuous airflow inside the helmet.
Features of FARO smart helmet
  • Wide range of color Designs: The stylish smart helmet comes with 4 color designs. One can choose their favorite color design and enjoy safe bicycle riding. Currently, one can select the following color option.
    • Blackbird (Black)
    • Maverick (Navy Blue)
    • Juniper (Olive Green)
    • Stingray (Gray)
  • Excellent Battery life:  The Lithium-ion Rechargeable battery whose capacity is about 1850 mAh, takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge the battery. After fully charging, it can last for about 10 hours depending on the active feature and setting you choose while riding.
  • Strong Magnetic buckles: It has a magnetic buckle that is stronger than regular buckles. These magnetic buckles can hold up to 65kg of force.
  • Fall Detection System: Once you complete your fall detection setup, you are ready to use this feature. Whenever one is involved in any kind of serious accident. It will give an emergency alert to your predefined emergency contacts after 60 seconds of countdown(which is customizable). It will give an SOS alert if and only if app doesn’t found any response during this countdown time.
  • Powerful Light: It has a powerful light on the front and rear sides of the helmet. Which is more than enough to make you visible at every possible angle. Also, there is a hidden light that can be easily customized.
  • Navigation Remote: With a navigation remote you can signal your intention. The brake light on the rear side of the helmet gets automatically turned on when one applies a manual brake while riding a bicycle.
  • Track your riding stats: With the FARO app, you can track how many calories you burn and also integrate your health data with apple health and google fits. Apart from that one can also track the time, distance which one travels. Also, one can take part in weekly challenges to earn some real rewards.

How to use FARO navigation Remote?

Faro navigation remote is currently sold as an add-on, it is a small device that can be attached to the bicycle handle. With this additional add-on, you can enable two features

Left turn indicating on FARO smart helmet using navigation remote
  • Turn signalling: In order to use this feature, one has to pair a navigation remote with a FARO helmet. And to signal your next move, simply click on the left or right navigation button on the remote.
  • Automatic Brake light: Even this feature needs pairing between your navigation remote and helmet. It is an automatic feature that gets triggered when a rider slows down or stops. This brake light is powerful enough to signal to other rear vehicles that you have slow down your speeds.
Automatic brake light indication on faro helmet

Pairing navigation remote to faro helmet

Follow the below step to pair navigation remote to faro helmet.

Power on your helmet by pressing a power button which is placed on the rear side. Just press and hold for 1 second.
Wait for 10-15 seconds. Till the helmet fully turns on.
Now, press and hold any button on the navigation remote, till you find blinking on the navigation button.
After that, if you find a green light turned on the helmet, it means the connection has been successfully established.
If the above process doesn’t help you pair successfully. Try rebooting your helmet.
8.5Expert Score
Stylish Smart FARO Helmet

Faro combines smart technology with safety materials. FARO Helmet is a next-level safety approach that protects the rider during an accident and makes the rider visible during the night which prevents serious accidents that occur due to low visibility. Apart from that additional add-on, MIPS improves impact absorption during a rotational collision.

Battery life
  • Front and rear lights
  • Fall detection system
  • Automatic brake light and turn signal
  • Waterproof
  • Magnetic buckles
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life
  • Complies with the major international safety certifications: CPSC and EN1078.
  • Dedicated android and ios app
  • Suitable only for a bicycle ride
  • No protection for front face
  • Need to charge both helmet and navigation remote
  • The battery on FARO is not replaceable. 

Frequently Asked Question

How can I take proper care of helmet?

Here are the points that you need to keep in mind for increasing the life of your smart helmet

1. Keep your helmet in dry places away from excessive heat sources like radiation or direct sunlight.
2. While Cleaning your helmet only use a soft cloth or sponge.
3. Chemical cleaners can damage your helmet. If there is any sign or a hint of damage try replacing your helmet. Do not use a damaged helmet.
4. Do not modify, paint or add any adhesive stickers and cleaning fluids, and other solvents to your helmet.
5. Do not add any accessories, it may affect the protection given by the helmet.

Can I use this helmet on a motor vehicle?

This helmet is not suitable to use while going for a motorcycle ride, Faro smart helmet with integrated light is made only for non-motorized recreational pedal cycling. 

Also, it is not suitable for children. One should not use this helmet in direct sunlight or any warm places for a longer period of time. 

Where is the battery of this helmet located?

The battery is embedded inside the helmet itself, therefore it becomes necessary for the user to follow all the safety guidelines.

Also, one should not expose this helmet to heat for a longer time. It might cause serious injuries.

Is the FARO app compatible with google and apple health?

Yes, the FARO app that can be downloaded from the store is compatible with both apple health and also with google health.

How can I find the right size for my FARO helmet?

FARO helmets come in 3 different designs. If you are not sure about the size you can use their size finder tools to measure your size(in the menus section). 

Over here you have to insert your head size either in cm or in inches and you will get your FARO smart helmet size.

What is MIPS In a FARO safety helmet?

The MIPS is the security measure that makes this helmet stand out from the rest of the helmet.

When one is involved in an accident, the person rolls on the ground. As a result, there is a chance of head injury during each rotation. 

This security system increases the performance of the helmet by slightly rotating to the direction of impact and absorbing some of the impact energy.
FARO Smart Helmet With Integrated Light Review
FARO Smart Helmet With Integrated Light Review