Ganker Ex Pro: A Customizable Robot Battler Seeks Crowdfunding

Unleash the Power with Glistening Armor, Robust Frame, and Lifelike Movements.

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Elecrow has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their Ganker Ex Pro, an upgrade to their Ganker Ex robot that allows customized combat battles. The high-tech gaming robot aims to bring eSports excitement to living rooms.

Bringing Sci-Fi Battles to Life

The Ganker Ex Pro resembles combat robots and mechs from classic anime series. Its armor, weapons, and lifelike movement let users experience the thrills of robotic duels at home.

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Intuitive Controls

Nine servo motors mimic human joints to perform poses and maneuvers precisely based on input from the intuitive doll controller. This allows for seamless synchronization between user commands and robot actions.

Impressive Speed and Motion

Four powerful motors and omnidirectional wheels enable smooth, fast 360° movement up to 5m/s. The upgraded nine-axis chassis also ensures accurate positioning for complex motions.

Customizable Warrior Design

A key highlight of the Ganker Ex Pro is users can customize it to match their desired aesthetics and playing style.

Assemble Unique Armor and Weapons

Armor, weapons, and other accessories can be assembled to create a personalized battling robot reflecting the owner’s preferences, providing a creative outlet and sense of ownership.

Reflect Personal Style

With the ability to modify their robot, users can showcase their individuality. The customization process adds excitement as owners build their ideal mechanical warrior.

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Thrilling Gameplay Modes

The Ganker Ex Pro offers combat modes for intense robot matchup competitions and skill development:

  • One-on-One Duels: “Duel Mode” allows a 1 vs. 1 matchup to battle other robots or players. This head-to-head combat evokes anime-style mech showdowns.
  • Training Exercises: In “Training Mode”, users can hone control skills and experiment with techniques without pressure. This helps master maneuvers before a live duel.
  • Quick Victories: For fast-paced action, “One-Hit Kill Mode” offers the chance for immediate wins with critical hits. Adrenaline spikes in this unpredictable speed round.

Technical Specifications

With its aluminum alloy and ABS plastic construction, the Ganker Ex Pro weighs approximately 1.375 kg. Key specs include:

  • 9.3 x 7.4 x 8.6 in chassis (without case)
  • 9 servo motors for precision motion
  • 4 high-speed omnidirectional motors
  • 5 GHz WiFi connectivity with controller
  • 2000 mAh lithium battery
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Kickstarter Goals and Vision

The Kickstarter campaign aims to fund the production of the Ganker Ex Pro after 4 years of refinement and testing since the original Ganker Ex. Contributors gain early access and can influence future improvements.

Elecrow envisions the robot enhancing gaming experiences and bringing eSports excitement to living rooms around the world. Backers can help drive the future of this technology.


The Ganker Ex Pro promises to immerse users in thrilling robot combat with its metal armor, customizable weapons, and lifelike motion. Kickstarter enables bringing this next-generation eSports gaming experience to backers’ homes.

Learn more about the Ganker Ex Pro robot and support the campaign here: “Ganker EX Pro: Man Machine United Combat Fighting Robot.”

Ganker Ex Pro: A Customizable Robot Battler Seeks Crowdfunding
Ganker Ex Pro: A Customizable Robot Battler Seeks Crowdfunding

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