How to get rid of roaches coming from neighbors

Roaches are among the most common household pests that frustrate and stress everyone. If you reside in an apartment or any multi-unit building, you may have experienced the problem of roaches coming from your neighbor’s house.

Roaches are hard to eliminate once they infest your house because they are resilient creatures that can even survive in nearly any climatic condition. They also have a high reproduction rate and can move to other areas of your house very easily.

Not only do they look unpleasant to look at, but they also carry harmful diseases and cause allergic reactions. 

In this article, I will guide you on how to get over roaches that are coming from neighbors and many other useful things.

Who faces roaches invading problems?

You can see roaches in almost every house if the proper cleaning and hygiene are not maintained. But some people may be more prone to roach infection than others. Such as : 

  • People living in multi-unit structures like apartments or condos may be more likely to have roach issues. These insects can easily pass through plumbing, floors and walls.
  • Older buildings or homes may also be more susceptible to roach infections. They usually contain crevices, holes, or other places that can provide the best entry for them.
  • People who reside in a warm, humid climate can also face roach problems, as roaches prefer warm, humid climates.
  • Lastly, anyone who dont take proper precautions to avoid roach infection can also face these issues.

Why do roaches come to your house?

There are some common reasons why roaches accept your home invitation. Understanding why these pests come to your home can help you take preventive measures to avoid infections.

Firstly, roaches are drawn to food sources; they can even be attracted by small spills or crumbs left in your kitchen or eating area. Moreover, they are omnivorous; they can consume various foods, including pet food, human food, and even decomposing organic debris.

Secondly, roaches require water to survive; areas like leaky pipes, faucets, or even pet water bowls can also be good sources of regular water supply.

Thirdly, they prefer to hide out in isolated and dark places. To hide, They find cluttered areas, especially those infrequently cleaned. In addition, they can even take shelter in crevices and openings in walls, floors and other building materials.

Finally, roaches can readily infiltrate your home through walls, flooring, and plumbing systems if your neighbors have roach infestations.

How do cockroaches travel from neighbors?

Cockroaches can quickly move from one place to another, from your neighbor’s house to your own. There are several ways they go from one neighbor to the next.

The wall gaps are the typical path of cockroaches invading. In large connected apartments or condos, the wall voids provide a perfect route to travel. They can easily pass through microscopic fractures, holes, or spaces in the walls.

Second, through plumbing pipes. The plumbing systems in most buildings are shared, and cockroaches can move quickly between units. It is simple for cockroaches to enter your home through a drain or other plumbing device after crawling through the pipes.

Thirdly, through shared spaces. They can use shared spaces like corridors, laundry facilities, and storage areas as a route. They can even enter your house through cracks or gaps in the flooring or walls.

Lastly, infected goods might introduce cockroaches to your home. If your neighbor has an infestation, they may unknowingly bring it into your home through shared things like furniture, boxes, or clothing.

How to get rid of roaches coming from neighbors?

If you see roaches coming to your house from your neighborhood, then don’t ignore them.

Ignoring roach growth can result in much more significant issues down the road. They reproduce quickly and can spread across other parts of your home, making it challenging to get rid of them.

Therefore it is critical to take proper steps and stop the additional infestation and save your health. A step-by-step guide will tell you how to tackle this issue.

Step 1: Identify the Source of the Infestation

Finding the source of the infestation should be your first step in removing roaches that have invaded your home from your neighbors. 

Finding droppings or egg cases, seeing roaches during the day, or smelling a musty or oily odor all indicate a roach infestation. Check your house for potential access points, such as breaches in windows or doors, cracks in the walls or flooring, and exposed pipes or vents. 

Step 2: Take Preventative Measures

Once you have identified the source of the infestation, it’s time to take preventative measures. First, clean and organize your home because roaches are drawn to food, dampness, and clutter.

Roaches can enter your home through open pipes or vents, gaps in windows or doors, or cracks in the walls or floors. These access sites should be sealed. 

Sprays and bait traps can catch roaches, kill them, and stop their reproduction. Professional pest control services can also be a successful remedy for severe infestations.

Step 3: Communicate with Your Neighbors

Approach your neighbors in a friendly manner, describe how their roach issue affects you and their property, and offer potential fixes.

Offer roach control products, roach removal advice, or offer to assist them with their infestation. Most of the time, neighbors are willing to work with one another to find a solution to the issue.


It can be challenging to get rid of roaches coming from neighbors. Still, it’s crucial to act immediately to stop an infestation from spreading.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can locate the source of the infestation, take preventative measures, and communicate with your neighbors to find a solution. 

Remember to keep your home dry and clean, seal up any entryways, use bait traps and sprays, and, if required, hire a professional pest control agency. Following these instructions may rid your home of roaches and enhance your quality of life.

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