Homeline Coatings Ceramic Spray Review

We all own expensive cars and houses. And maintaining those products is not as easy as it looks. It takes great effort and money.

Likewise, everyone likes the things that they own should always look attractive and brand new. But we all know that this is not that easy, because in order to maintain them we need to constantly take care of those products.

That is the reason It is becoming so hard to maintain the expensive product even if you are able to effort it. 

Maintaining the shine of your favorite car, flat marbles, floor tiles, glass, metals, stainless steel, Onyx, acrylic, brass chrome are super hard if you are living on a super tight schedule. 

The biggest challenge that one has to face when preserving the originality of this product is to protect them against outside elements like dirt, water, and other debris. That is where the Homeline coatings ceramic spray comes into the picture.

One of the biggest benefits of applying this kind of ceramic spray is: they protect your favorite items from harmful UV rays, scratches, and chemical stains.

What Is Homeline Coatings Ceramic Spray?

Homeline coatings ceramic spray is a long-lasting spray that has ultra-hydrophobic properties. Homeline coatings ceramic spray is perfect for protection against scratches, acids, grimes, minerals, etc.

This ceramic spray uses proprietary SiO2 ceramic technology that helps to instantly cover up light scratching and swirl marks. Also after applying, it will also prevent future scratches and marks that can arise.

This ceramic spray is manufactured 100% in the USA and all the shippings are done from the United state only. They have a team in Denver that is working to deliver you a product much faster with at most priority. As this product is 100% made in the USA, it ensures that you will get a super-fast delivery with real and friendly customer support staff.

What Benefits Does This Homeline Ceramic Coating Spray Provide?

Maintaining the cleanliness and shine of the glass product is a daunting task. As they are constantly in contact with the outside elements such as winds, water, dirt, and so on.

This ceramic coating acts as a middle layer that separates the original surface from the outside, by acting as a strong barrier. Applying this ceramic coating provides numerous benefits, but this long-lasting coating spray provides the following benefits.

  • No water spots or streaks: Ultra-hydrophobic properties make it hard for the water to stay longer on glass or stainless steel appliances.
  • Protect stainless steel: Majority of the home utensils are made from stainless steel. Applying this spray protects utensils and other stainless steel items from staining, mineral build-up, and sticking of foods.
  • Keep the glass clean: One of the problems that glasses have to grow through is the condensation on the glass. Sometimes this is so harmful that even a harmful small warmth and mold can start to grow on this surface. Applying this ceramic coating on the glass shower or on windows that are prone to water spots and streaking prevent such phenomenon. This coating doesn’t allow water to stay on the surface for a long time thus allowing a spot-free and clean glass surface.
  • Clean and clear granite:  One of the biggest difficulties is to clean a flat surface present in the kitchen and workshop, as these surfaces are consistently in contact with the people working there. Coating this surface with ceramic gives out a mirror look and makes messes easy to clean up with little effort. Also, it will minimize water spots and stains.
  • Leaves a super slick finish and feel: Ceramic coating not only makes the surface clean and clear. They also ensure future protection and this coating gives a super slick finish and feel.
Homeline Coating Review | Benefits & Feature

How To Use Homeline Coatings Ceramic Spray?

Using this Homeline coating ceramic spray is very easy and you don’t require any specialized person to apply a coating. Anyone who can read the instructions and can follow this step can easily get good hands on it.

  • STEP 1: Clean the Surface: The first step before applying a ceramic spray is to clean the surface thoroughly. This includes wiping off the dirt and other elements present on the surface.
  • STEP 2: Now, Spray evenly on the mist to the desired surface: Once, you clean the desired surface. The next thing you need to follow up is to spray this on your desired surface.
  • STEP 3: Wipe/buff off residue: With this product, you will get a microfiber cloth, once you spray on the surface, you will have to use this cloth and wipe it off once the surface appears completely dry.
  • STEP 4: Let the surface cure for 1 hour: Let the coated surface be cured for around 1 hour once you wipe off the residue.
  • STEP 5: Get amazed with cleanliness: Once you follow the above step the next thing you have to do is to just enjoy the cleanliness and show off the result you get on social media. Following these 5 steps is not that hard. And, this is safe to use on any hard surface like Tile, Granite, Glass, Metal, Stainless steel, Marble, Onyx, Acrylic, Brass-chrome, and many more.
Applying primer is not necessary. However, to maximize the result – you can make use of it.

Positive And Negative of Homeline Coating Spray

Homeline Coatings Ceramic Spray is perfect for keeping products clean and clear. It delivers a long-lasting result by leaving a slick finish and providing protection against light scratches, acid, etc

below are some of the positive and negative sides of this ceramic coating spray.

  • Manufactured 100% in the US
  • Long-lasting result
  • Keep the glass clean
  • Leaves a super slick finish and feel
  • Protection against light scratches, acids, grimes, minerals, etc.
  • Need to buy PRIMER separately

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is this product made?

This product is completely made in the USA and all shipping is done from the United States.

How much discounts will I get after applying the promo code?

You will get a 10% discount on your entire purchase.

What will I get if I order?

You will get 8oz Homeline coatings ceramic spray + Homeline Microfiber Towel.

Is it mandatory to apply primer?

No, it is not. However, in order to maximise the result – you can make use of it.
Homeline Coatings Ceramic Spray Review
Homeline Coatings Ceramic Spray Review