Hoo(KEY) Review- Antimicrobial Silicone No-Touch Keychain Tool

It was somewhere in 2014 when the founder of Hoo Key found that his kids were not taking healthcare seriously. And he saw that his kids were not washing their hands before lunch. 

As a parent, he was more worried and concerned. I know, they are just kids. But if we look around ourselves, we can still see big educated people also committing similar kinds of mistakes both knowingly and unknowingly.

What is Hoo key – the key to a healthy life?

The Hookey is nothing but a small pocket-sized gadget that you can use to perform your day-to-day activities very easily without much worrying about germ transmission.

One of the major reasons for the pathogen transmission is touching the unhygienic surfaces, which are touched by the majority of the people. This area usually includes publicly used places such as: Door handles, Elevator Buttons, and many more.

And the simplest and easiest way to tackle this problem was to develop a solution to stop the spread of it. The critical step that everyone has to take was to control the spread of person-to-person transmission. 

This was the crucial point that led to the development of “Hoo(key) – Antimicrobial Silicone No-Touch Keychain Tool”.

Main Highlight of “Antimicrobial Silicone No-Touch Keychain Tool”

Hookey is a pocket-size gadget that is made up of antimicrobial silicone coating. Which is durable, lightweight, and antimicrobial keychain tools. This can help perform everyday tasks very safely without touching the surface shared by harmful bacteria and viruses.

Top Highlights

  • Antimicrobial Silicone Coating
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Body
  • Has Keychain Hole
  • Multi-Finger Grip
  • Product Weight: 20g
  • Can lift up to 50lbs

Build Quality & Specification of these Tools

Versatile and Super-Strong: From the ability to lift around 50 lbs of weight, we can come to know its strength. It is a die-cast aluminum product that can lift up to 15 grocery bags.
Antimicrobial Silicone Coating: Silicon is not immune to bacterial colonization. Therefore, it prevents the risk of cross-contamination and the spreading of germs. So, you don’t have to worry much about germs getting into your pockets or on your hoo key.
Multi-Finger Grip: You are required to make use of your 3-finger instead of a single finger. With 3 fingers you can very nicely hold this key and will have a better grip to open any heavy doors, press buttons, lift bags and even touch all the surfaces.
Anti-Scratch: The surface that comes in contact with this tool won’t have any kind of scratch or will not have any damage. Even if you open the door of any expensive car – it won’t leave any mark or scratch.
Perform Germ-Free and Contact Free everyday Activity: Since you can perform the majority of your day-to-day activities with these tools. So, the chance of exposing your hand to unhygienic areas is very low. 
Rust and corrosion Free: Because it is rust and corrosion-free, you can enjoy this product for a lifetime without any worries.
Vibrant Color Options: This keychain tool is available in six different color options. I.e Electric Orange, Ocean Blue, Bold Black, Pink Panther, Cool Gray, and Nature Green. So, you are not running out of color choices to go for.
Key PointsDetails
Body DesignDie-Cast Aluminum Body
CoatingAntimicrobial silicone coating
Weight20g (Lightweight and durable )
WarrantyLifetime warranty (only covers aluminum frame – does not cover silicone coating or damage from abuse)
Finger gripmulti-finger grip
Pocket size3.75’’ in length

What task can you perform with hoo key

This Patented Antimicrobial Silicone No-Touch Keychain Tool allows you to perform your day-to-day activities with peace of mind and lets you enjoy your life. 

With this tool, you can perform your everyday actions such as pushing, pulling, and pressing without touching the surface and without much worrying about

germ transmission. 

You can use this product for activities like

  • Opening up the door
  • At checkout
  • In ATM
  • Touching Screen
  • Car Handle
  • Groceries
  • Elevator
  • Sink

Why should you buy this Product?

The primary reason why everyone should have this kind of gadget is – everyone loves traveling and unconsciously we somehow end up touching the surfaces which are touched by thousands of people every day. 

One of the properties that antimicrobial products possess is that they not only prevent the bacteria, but also destroy the harmful bacteria and other parasites, algae, dust-mites, fungi, and other certain types of viruses.

And for making this product the silicon is used which is used by different industries as an anti-bacterial surface which makes it hard for the disease-causing viruses to stay longer on the surface.

The common activities which are performed by the majority of people are opening the door, touching the screens of publicly used machines. Such as ATM, CHECKOUT. 

If you incorporate these tools while performing these activities, you will be safe from touching those unhygienic areas. Even if you use this product to open the door of your expensive car – it won’t leave a scratch or cause any damage to the surface. 

Finally, above all – everyone wants to be healthy. And one primary reason why the majority of people feel sick is because of person-to-person transmission. We all know how these harmful intruders make our life worse.

We have seen a similar situation in the recent pandemic. How the lives of many people were at risk. If you want to stop the spread of such harmful diseases then you should have one such gadget like the Antimicrobial Silicone No-Touch Keychain Tool in your pocket.


One out of five people don’t consider washing their hands and this gives rise to the spread of this disease-causing germs. Because of that around 80% of illness-causing germs are spread through our hands.

And this germ multiplies so fast that it becomes very difficult to control its spread. Nearly one germ can multiply to more than 8 million germs in a single day.

Hoo key – Antimicrobial Silicone No-Touch Keychain Tool is a great solution to control the person-to-person transmission which is caused due to touching the unhygienic areas.

So let’s protect not only ourselves but also our community. 

Hoo(KEY) Review- Antimicrobial Silicone No-Touch Keychain Tool
Hoo(KEY) Review- Antimicrobial Silicone No-Touch Keychain Tool