Ingarden Microgreens Growing Kit Review

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Have you ever wanted to grow a fresh and nutrient packed microgreen at your home? Well that dream is now ready to make it to live. Now you can grow your own garden inside your home without even the need for natural sunlight.

Yes you heard it right. You can grow your nutrient rich microgreen inside your home.

Today we are going to look at Ingarden Microgreens Growing Kit which can help you grow your favorite microgreen even if you are a beginner and have no experience in it. 

Let’s dive deeper and understand everything about these kits. And let explore the world of nutritious and environmentally-friendly microgreen cultivation with the ingarden kit.

About ingarden Microgreens Growing

It is a Microgreens Growing Kit that helps cultivate microgreens without worrying much about its soil type, sunlight and other important factors that need to grow these seeds. It uses a hydroponic growing system which prepares the necessary environment and climate it needs to grow these microgreens.

Microgreens Growing cutting and using it in diet

To generate the right environment for growing this seed the kit comes with an automated hydroponic watering system, and energy-efficient LED grow lights.

Which eliminates a lot of human effort and allows users to grow nutrient-rich microgreens at home without soil and direct sunlight.

One of the biggest advantages of using it is that it is easy to grow seeds without undergoing the complex process of growing these microgreens. Also here their growth is faster than the traditional farming approach. 

How to use this ingarden kits

This system does not rely on soil. It uses a Hydroponic Growing System. Inside the kits you are given all the necessary things that you need inorder to properly grow these microgreens. 

You will get the pre-seeded 2-ounce microgreen pads of various nutritious superfoods, like kale, arugula, and broccoli.

The only thing you have to do is to follow the below steps.

  • Step 01 : Place three pre-seeded microgreen pads in the designated area within the kit.
  • Step 02 : Add water to it. So that it can get the necessary moisture for germination and growth. 
  • Step 03 : After that hold the timer button on top to activate the automated system. You have to hold it for 3sec.

After following the above steps keep it aside undisturbed for somewhere around 7 days. You can even keep this in a dark or closed room. It doesn’t require natural sunlight. It has an inbuilt LED light system.

The 15-watt, energy-efficient LED grow light provides the specific wavelengths that activate phytochemical and phytonutrient development in the microgreens. 

The hydroponic system takes care of watering and nurturing the microgreens. Therefore you don’t have to worry much.

The microgreen will take somewhere between one week to grow. After that you are ready to enjoy this exceptionally nutrient-rich food.

Benefits of growing microgreens using this kit?

Microgreen healthy diets

It cut down the lengthy process of growing the microgreen is its top highlight. But apart from that you get lots of other benefits. 

Here are some of those.

  • It helps grow the nutrient-rich microgreens at any place. Allowing you to add vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals in your diets.
  • Growing process is so easy one just needs to follow 3 simple steps to grow it. Thus eliminating the need for extensive gardening knowledge or experience.
  • The hydroponic system eliminates the need for soil and sunlight. As a result you can place this kit anywhere inside your home, and make it a mini indoor garden.
  • No need to constantly keep an eye on it. As the hydroponic system will take care of everything. One just has to provide necessary water at the initial stages and just leave it. Therefore it is a great choice for busy people who are passionate about indoor gardening. 
  • The energy-efficient LED provides the necessary lights and the hydroponic system provides the water when needed. As a result it grows up faster than the traditional soil based method.
  • You can grow a variety of microgreens like kale, arugula, broccoli, and so on.

How long does it take to grow microgreens?

Using these ingarden Microgreens Growing kits, you can grow your microgreens within a shorter span. The system is designed to provide all the necessary environment it requires for faster growth.

Through the experiment it is found that the microgreens are ready to harvest approximately after seven days. So you can expect it to eat somewhere after one week. 

Once ready to harvest you can use this fresh and high nutrient microgreen right from your garden to directly inside your regular diet to enhance the nutrient value of your healthy diet.

No doubt, This is the quick and speedy way of cultivating the microgreen especially if we compare it with the traditional soil based gardening methods.

How does this hydroponic system differ from traditional farming?

microgreen farming

The first thing that differentiates them is their water usage. With traditional farming there is wastage of a lot of water as one needs to give water to the whole cultivating field. Whereas the hydroponic system is a knowledge system which is equipped with intelligence. Which analyze the condition and provide the water at regular phases when needed.

Next difference is the use of LED light to provide sunlight. Here  there are energy-efficient LED lights which give out required wavelengths which are ideal for faster growth. Whereas with traditional growth once cannot predict the sunlight for the field. Also, there is no possible way of controlling the sunlight in a traditional approach.

Another key difference is availability. By using a hydroponic system you can grow your field anytime and anywhere. Here there is less struggle and all the necessary things you have to do are at the initial stage. Whereas in traditional farming. You have to first prepare your field after you can grow your seeds. And have to wait longer before harvesting.

Lastly, hydroponic systems are more space-efficient than traditional ones. Therefore they are the perfect choice for people who want to grow things inside their house or do indoor farming.


What is the weight of ingarden microgreen ?

The weight of it is approximately 3kg. And the kit is a combination of small small parts. so it is easy to handle and manage. You wont feel it to be more heavy. 

What color option is available ?

The kit offers several color options that help you choose the color that best describes your interior decor and style. It is available in warm mint, cozy rose. creme beige, jet black.

Is the LED light ON all the time?

No, LED light is not kept ON for the whole 24 hours. It will be on for 12 hours and off for 12 hours.
Ingarden Microgreens Growing Kit Review
Ingarden Microgreens Growing Kit Review

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