Mizu Towel Review: Is It the best antibacterial towel?

Most people don’t consider washing their towels until there are stains and smells. Ordinary towel requires washing every couple of days or week. Frequent washing makes it difficult to maintain that quality in the long run.

Also, regular use of low-quality cleaning towels fails to absorb all the water from the body and leaves us frustrated after bathing.

That is the reason towels are the essential cleaning accessories in everyday life. Therefore one must invest some time in getting the best towels which are perfect in all aspects.

In this article, you will get to know about the Mizu towel – a Japanese self-cleaning towel. But first, let’s understand what are the things that one needs to inquire about before making the final decision.

Thinks To Look For In A Towels

Choosing the right towel for your skin is a daunting task, especially if you don’t know what to look for in a towel. Follow the simple guide to make a smart buying decision.

Material Used: Whenever you are in search of a good quality bath towel. look for the material that is taken to manufacture that product.

Go for the one which is made from high-quality microfiber and cotton. This kind of material is perfect for most face and body types
Weight: In general, the high-quality towel will be slightly heavier than others; this indicates that they can pack a little more volume for absorption than others.
Colour: This factor does not tell much about the quality of the particular towel. But it is still an essential factor while making a purchase because everyone loves a product that comes with their favourite colour and design.
Absorption Capacity: There are many kinds of towels to go for, such as microfiber, cotton, bamboo towel. But go for the one which can absorb more moisture from your body. Microfiber has more advantages over other towel materials; cotton is softer and gentle as compared to microfiber.

Choose the one which will suit your needs perfectly.
Size of towel: Next up, look for the right size that will be easy to carry and handle.
Towel TypeSize In InchesSize In cm
Washcloth12″ by 12″30 cm x 30 cm
Hand Towels12″ by 27.5″30 cm x 70 cm
Bath Towels27.5″ by 55″70 cm x 140 cm
Bath Sheets35″ by 65″89 cm x 226 cm
Finger Towel11″ by 18″28 cm x 46 cm
Kitchen Towel20″ by 30″51 cm x 76 cm
Beach Towel31″ by 63″79 cm x 160 cm
Gym Towel12″ by 35″30 cm x 90 cm
Bath Mat21″ by 33″53 cm x 84 cm

Make sure you are looking for the above factor while selecting a traditional high-quality towel. But if you want something out of the box, you can go for a Japanese towel without worrying about the above factors.

Japanese towels are self-cleaningantimicrobial towels that eliminate around 99.9% of bacteria growth. And notify you when you wash by changing the strip colour.

What are antimicrobial towels?

Antimicrobial towels are the best bacteria-fighting towels that are naturally self-cleaning, change colour after dirt accumulation, and eliminate a bacteria’s growth. Provide perfect hygiene and comfort for the long run.

Mizu towel is an antimicrobial towel that kills around 99.9% of bacteria growth and changes its colour when it is time to wash them. Made from pure, natural silver-coated fibres that provide ultra-softness.

They are perfect to use in the gym, bathroom and swimming pool.

where to use mizu Japanese antibacterial towel | Mizu Towel Review

Come with hyper absorbent and quick-drying advantages, which provide good comfort and less headache of drying them.

What Is Mizu’s Towel – An Antibacterial Towel?

A natural silver-coated Mizu towel prevents the building of bacteria by eliminating bacteria growth and provides a fresh and clean towel after every use. It contains a bacteria detection technology that notifies the user when to wash it.

The bacteria detection technology causes the solvatochromic dye strips to change their colour to red from blue whenever a towel comes in contact with bacteria, residual soap, dirt, and sweat.

It comes with three different colour options, such as Charcoal Grey, Polar White, and Royal Blue

Made from high-quality material that follows Japanese craftsmanship principles while remaining affordable.

Are you ready to experience your warm bath by rolling inside a soft and fluffy smart towel?

Specification and feature of antimicrobial Mizu Towel?

A self-cleaning antibacterial towel is designed to keep everyone safe by eliminating bacteria growth. Provide the below additional specifications and features.

  • Better hygiene & luxurious comfort: Provide a perfect bath experience with royal softness and authentic bamboo cotton without worrying about the smell and dirt. Always ready to deliver the better health, hygiene, and luxurious comfort that you deserve.
  • Tell when to wash: The solvatochromic dye strips change their colour from blue to red when the towel feels dirty or detects impurities. This is the indication that your towel needs a wash.
  • Natural self-cleaning: The natural pure silver fibres eliminate bacterial growth and provide ultra-softness during every use without washing. So, stop using those unhygienic, dirty towels which are filled with coliform bacteria.
  • Fast-drying antimicrobial bath towels: These Antibacterial towels dry themself much faster than the average traditional towels available in the market.
  • Japanese Craftsmanship: Towels follow a Japanese Craftsmanship principle used by the Japanese market and Japanese companies.
  • Colour Option: Silver-infused towels come in Charcoal GreyPolar White, and Royal Blue designs.
  • Bamboo cotton + Natural silver: Most luxurious cotton + pure natural silver is used to make this towel self cleaner and to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Hyper absorbent: Can absorb and hold upto 5x its weight in water.
  • Mizutech: Easily detect impurities such as residual soap, dirt, and sweat with color-changing strips.
  • World-class Japanese artistry: The high-quality mizu silver towels are made using artisanal crafting methods native to Imabari, Japan. The clothes from Imabari are of high quality at an affordable cost.
feature and specification of japanese towel | mizu antibacterial towel

How is the Mizu Antibacterial towel different from a regular towel?



Likewise, we discussed in the guide; to decide the right towel. The type of material used is a crucial factor to look for. where other towels use a material like low-quality cotton, high-quality cotton, and synthetic microfiber. 

Mizu uses an Imabari staple cotton that delivers the perfect comfort and remains clean for a longer time.

Towel TypesGeneric Dept StoreDesigner CottonMicrofiber HygienicMizu
Material UseLow-quality cottonHigh-quality cottonSynthetic microfiberImabari staple cotton


These Japanese towels are antibacterial and come with ultra royal softness that dries faster, whereas traditional towels are cheap and possess very few antibacterial properties.

Towel TypesGeneric Dept StoreDesigner CottonMicrofiber HygienicMizu
QualityCheapsoftAbsorbent antibacterialAbsorbent antibacterial royal soft

Bacterial Elimination

The low-quality and high-quality cotton have a very low tendency to eliminate bacteria compared to synthetic microfiber and Imabari staple cotton.

Towel TypesGeneric Dept StoreDesigner CottonMicrofiber HygienicMizu
Bacteria EliminationMinimalMediumHighUp to 99.9%

Bacteria attendance (After 3 days of use)

Mizu antimicrobial towels are made from natural silver fibres with antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria, fungi, and certain viruses. Therefore the presence of bacteria is lowest in Imabari staple cotton Towels.

Towel TypesGeneric Dept StoreDesigner CottonMicrofiber HygienicMizu

Washing Result

Where other ordinary towel fades and loses their softness over multiple washes, the mizu remains softer over wash. Since it possesses self-cleaning properties, you are less likely to wash them.

Towel TypesGeneric Dept StoreDesigner CottonMicrofiber HygienicMizu
Washing ResultFades High and loss softnessContaminated and loss of softnessNo bacteriaPurified softer with wash

Should You Buy It?

Towels are the essential cleaning accessories to have when it comes to staying healthy and hygienic. This Japanese antimicrobial towel is made from silver-coated fibre, which makes it perfect for everyday use.

Its royal quality and ability to eliminate bacterial growth ensure cleanliness and freshness for a long time by maintaining a safe and hygienic routine.

This silver-infused towel is ideal for cleaning our face and to use in the bathroom, swimming and gym. The towel dries itself faster as compared to other ordinary cotton towels.

Having so many advantages over the traditional towel, the Mizu antimicrobial towel is the best antibacterial towel to use while taking bath in the bathroom and swimming, and also efficient to carry while jogging, and in the gym, travelling along with your wireless earphone, tripod, travelling bag.

7.8Expert Score
Good Self Cleaning Towel

A good antibacterial towel that can self clean itself. Remain hygienic for a longer duration allowing one to use it for a longer time. However, it doesn’t come with different colour option, which make this self cleaning towel, less attractive.

  • Self-cleaning, antimicrobial towel
  • Solvatochromic dye strips
  • Soft, luxurious comfort
  • Stay hygienic and clean for a longer time
  • Ability to wash at a higher temperature
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Follow Japanese craftsmanship
  • Faster drying capacity
  • Fewer colour choices
  • Less attractive due to simple design

Frequently Asked Question

What is different in a Mizu towel?

It is a self-cleaning Japanese towel that can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria. Allowing it to be used for a long time without much worrying about cleaning them.

How often should you clean?

There is no need to clean this towel frequently because of its self-cleaning nature; the bacteria detection technology will let you know when to clean it by changing the colour of the strap.

What material is used?

Mizu towels are made from premium quality bamboo cotton and infused with natural silver fibres.

Where are Mizu towels made?

The crafting process began in Japan and is completed in china’s specialist factory following a Japanese craftsmanship principle.

All the international and domestic orders shipped from the US.

Available colour option

Colour Option: charcoal grey, polar white, and royal blue.

Does silver kill bacteria?

Positively charged in a silver ion (Ag+) has antimicrobial properties that kill bacteria, fungi, and certain types of viruses.

How to wash Mizu?

It is recommended that you wash it with a cold and gentle cycle. However, you can even wash it in hot water.
Mizu Towel Review: Is It the best antibacterial towel?
Mizu Towel Review: Is It the best antibacterial towel?