(REVIEW) : ORION Wireless Waterproof Speaker Review

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ORION Wireless Waterproof Speaker is a floating speaker design by the xFyro team. It uses Superior technology to produce nice and easy superior sounds.

xFyro floating wireless speaker is IP67 waterproof and dustproof. Perfect for the beach and in-house parties. Apart from that, it is perfect for taking it to the gym and dance classes.

2-microphone technology delivers excellent quality overcall. And, if you are looking for some amazing waterproof speakers that can float in water and, along with that, should produce a high-quality crystal clear sound then, one should try out this Orion product.

ORION Wireless Floating Speaker Overview.

ORION Wireless floating speaker produces a full range of crisp sound with high-quality audio without any worry of tangling wires.

With an IP67 rating and high-quality fabric, it can easily float in water that allowing you to access this speaker easily.

The diameter of this product is just 100mm, and it is 43mm in height.

The 2-microphone call technology allows experiencing a superior call quality and crystal clear vocal allows you to experience your favorite anthems the way it is meant to be heard.

With its reliable wireless connection, one can easily enjoy their favorite playlist for about 8 hours.

Feature Of ORION Wireless Waterproof Speaker

Floating speaker:  no matter whether you spend your whole day in the pool or a tub. This floating speaker will work to its best by floating on top of the water. It has an IP67 rating which makes it the best wireless waterproof speaker.
2-microphone technology: It uses the two microphone technology for the best audio call experience.
Lightweight and super portable: This product’s weight measures about 224g, and it is 100mm in diameter.
Superior Technology: It produces a superior sound using superior technology that delivers a high-quality crystal clear sound.
Waterproof and Dust-proof: Having this feature allows Orion speakers to use in every situation. Like beach parties, in-house parties, and gyms.
A top feature of ORION Wireless Waterproof Speaker | ORION Wireless Waterproof Speaker Review

Is ORION Wireless Waterproof Speaker worth buying?

Below are the people’s opinions about the ORION Wireless Waterproof Speaker that they felt after using it.


Good things about ORION Wireless Waterproof Speaker

  • Whim finder: product is incredible and has many perks and cool features that everyone will love. 
  • Excellent shape: It has a round shape, which makes it easier to handle and easier to use.
  • Loud Sound: With great and loud sound capability, even if you are in another room. Still, you will get to hear loud and clear music.
  • Pocket-friendly sound system: It is perfect for the traveler who has a routine job. It perfectly fills the gap of a big music box. One can even toss them and carry them wherever one wants. 
  • Portable and Long Lasting: No need to struggle with more oversized speakers. Even moving them to different places is not that easy. But, this portable product solves that problem very quickly.
  • Sound clarity: Produces a nice and clear sound that will make you love the music’s vibes.

Bad things about ORION Wireless Waterproof Speaker

  • Late Delivery: Some people have received this product late.
  • Beeping sound: There was an annoying beeping sound coming from it sometimes.
  • Poor Connection: Sometimes find it difficult to connect to the smartphone, which is very frustrating.

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(REVIEW) : ORION Wireless Waterproof Speaker Review
(REVIEW) : ORION Wireless Waterproof Speaker Review