Geometrical Pocket Tripod PRO Review 2023 | Is It worth?

We love taking photos and selfies in different situations. But most of the time, we don’t have a partner that can hold our phone and take that wide photo, including the lovely background scenery. Also, placing a phone alone at a required angle without the tripod is not that easy.

As a result, we either take a short and sweet selfie, including some portion of the background, and sometimes manage to get a random partner who does the job of taking that perfect photo. 

Even though there is very little chance that strangers may say NO when you request them to take a picture, some people are still not comfortable seeking help from a stranger.

Pocket tripod pro quickly solves this problem. A gadget that easily fits into your pocket. It is easier to use and handle than the bulky tripod out there in the e-commerce market.

What Is Pocket Tripod Pro?

Pocket Tripod Pro is a credit card-sized, collapsible tripod for smartphones with TPU grips for mobile photography. It is a universal kit that can hold around 95% of the most popular devices and cases used by people worldwide.

Geometrical pocket tripod pro is a foldable pocket tripod that easily fits into your pocket. Allowing you to leave those heavy tripods at home and at the same time letting you enjoy the same professional videography and photography with your smartphone.

Pocket Tripod Pro allows you to take that perfect shot with your smartphone without the need for an ordinary tripod.

Are you excited to take that perfect shot with this mini pocket tripod gadget?

Features Of Foldable Pocket Tripod PRO

Universal Kit: Comes with pairs of interchangeable adapters that allow any phone to fit easily. No matter which smartphone brand you have.
Perfect Buddy : This pocket-sized tripod is 3.13 x 2 x 0.09 inches in dimension and 5.6 ounces (0.159kg) in weight. Allow carrying wherever you go.
Allow to take perfect selfies: Because of its precise angle adjustment and carbon fiber legs, taking a natural-looking selfie and group photo is very easy. One can even take time-lapse, create light paintings and long exposure images with this card-sized tripod and mobile.
Future Proof: Different sized interchangeable adapters ensure easy fitting of recently available smartphones and upcoming devices. 
Adapter Coupon Included: By any chance, if the adapter included in the box doesn’t fit your device, then you can order one adapter with your mentioned size by applying the included coupon code without any additional cost.
Portable: It is easy to handle and lightweight, making this device super portable. 
Angle Indicator: It comes with the angle indicator along the edge, making it easier to adjust the desired angle. Minor lines are 5º apart.
Carbon fiber Legs: Carbon fiber skeletons provide extra rigidity for holding heavy smartphone devices.
Scratch-free Contact: Part of the adapter that comes in contact with a smartphone is a durable TPU, which provides a comfortable grip and screen protection to expensive smartphones. 
Easy Angle Adjustment: Adapters are usable in both directions. Allowing 180 degrees of tilt adjustments.
Beginner Friendly: Useful sets of instructions are nicely printed inside, outside the box, and onto the device.

Pocket Tripod Pro Instructions | How To Set It Up And Use It?

Setting up the pocket tripod pro is very easy; one has to perform 2-3 series of twists to transform this gadget into a phone tripod stand.

Many first-time users find it confusing to transform this device into a working pocket phone stand. 

Just follow the below-mentioned steps to enjoy this foldable tripod stand without confusion.

The device might look like the image mentioned below.

step 1 of Pocket Tripod Pro Instructions | How To Set It Up And Use It

Now, Hold the below portion of the gadget in the same manner mentioned below.

step 2 of Pocket Tripod Pro Instructions | How To Set It Up And Use It

Next, Rotate the below porting anti-clockwise, keeping the top side steady.

step 3 of Pocket Tripod Pro Instructions | How To Set It Up And Use It

Now, Fold the other two sides upward to transform them into smartphone holding tripod stands.

step 4 of Pocket Tripod Pro Instructions | How To Set It Up And Use It

Lastly, mount your device to the adapter and start capturing perfect time-lapse videos, hand-free video calls, live streams, long exposure, and light painting.

Apart from that, you can even separate this mini tripod stand from the middle to keep your phone in landscape mode. Landscape mode is excellent for landscape videography, photography, and even for watching a live video.

Product Details And Dimensions

Product Dimension3.13 x 2 x 0.09 inches
Weight5.6 ounces(0.159 kg)
Color optionMatte-Black, Panda, Thunder, Magma, Jasper
Inside Universal Kits :
1 Foldable Pocket Tripod10.0 MM adapters pre-installed
7 Pairs Of Interchangeable AdaptersSize 8.0 MM to 10.5MM & 12.5 MM
1 Credit For 1 Extra Pair Of AdaptersSize 6.0 MM – 7.5 MM, 11.0MM – 12 MM
Fit CardFor measuring thickness (size) of mobile phone/smartphone devices
Instructions ManualStep by step tips and instructions for using the tripod pro
Product Details And Dimensions of pocket tripod pro

Why One Should Have A Foldable Pocket Tripod Stand?

If you are still unclear why to have this phone tripod stand, go through the advantages mentioned below.

  • Allow to keep bulky tripods at home: Ideal tripod stands are 50–63 inches (126–160cm) in height, and carrying them from one place to another is a tedious job. With this mini device, you can easily hold your smartphone without any worry.
  • Easy to carry and use: It can be easily fit into a pocket, purse, and wallet, and can quickly transform into an adjustable tripod with a simple twist and fold.
  • No Need to seek stranger help: If you are traveling alone with your traveling bag and want to take a perfect wide photograph. Then no need to ask for stranger help; you have pocket tripod pro with you.
  • Capture time-lapse video: For creating a stunning time-lapse video, Your phone needs to be in a steady position for a longer time. If you can’t carry a bulky tripod, then a pocket tripod pro stand is a great alternative.
  • Hand-free video calls and Live streams: It is difficult to do a live stream and video call with a shaky hand. Shaky hands make a video call experience worse. No need to worry; mount your phone over this tech gadget and connect with your friend and family.
8.1Expert Score
Easily Fit Inside Pocket

It is pretty impressive to carry this small pocket-sized tripod stand. Having access to this gadget fills the needs of other expensive mobile tripod stands. Apart from taking a photo, one can also use it for making video calls, attending live streams, and many more. Considering all the factors, one should go for this pocket tripod Pro.

  • Mini pocket tripod
  • Easily foldable pocket tripod
  • Perfect for most iPhone and Android
  • TPU Grip for Mobile Photography
  • Adapter Coupon for extra adapters
  • Compatible with 95% of popular devices and cases.
  • Free shipping only in the US
  • Brackets are difficult to assemble.
Geometrical Pocket Tripod PRO Review 2023 | Is It worth?
Geometrical Pocket Tripod PRO Review 2023 | Is It worth?