Remootio 2 Review | Wireless Gate Remote Controller

With the advancement in technology, it is always a great exposure to experience a tech life. We have a smartphone to connect to friends and family, smart devices to make our everyday tasks easy.

In other words, we at least interact with one or two smart devices in our day-to-day life that reduce our everyday workload in some way or another. With that, we also expect to have some cool gadgets that can help us in reducing the effort required in our home activities.

Remootio 2 + sensor + power adapter multi-pack is an effort saver which can be used to control and monitor garage doors and gates with the help of a smartphone.

Let’s understand if this device can actually make our ordinary gate a smart one? And is it a perfect device to include in home security systems?

What is Remootio 2 + Sensor + Power Adapter Multipack

Remootio is a wireless gate remote controller that uses end-to-end encrypted Wi-Fi, Internet, or Bluetooth to control and monitor garage doors and gates.

This device can be operated with the help of a pocket smartphone, apple watch, or even with the help of any smart home hub like Alexa and Google Home.

Come with advanced features like a free smartphone app, easy virtual key sharing, auto open zone, gate and garage access manager, and so on.

Feature And Specification Of Remootio Gate Remote Controller

These Remotely open garage doors provide many features out of the box. Below are the lists of the advantages that you will get if you go ahead with this device.

  • Easy to connect: Provides 3 different types of connection to get started. You can either connect via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or even with the internet. No need for any external bridge or hub.
  • Voice command control: This remote-controlled garage door is compatible with smart home hubs smart devices like Alexa, Google Home, and Siri. just give a voice command to open or close the gate or garage doors.
  • Control with an apple watch: If you have an apple smartwatch on your wrist, then use that to control the garage gate, No need to carry a smartphone in this case.
  • Easy key sharing with Friends and family: There is an option to share an access key with the other member, maybe a family, friends, and even with the guest via QR code or through text message and social media platform.
  • Easy access management: Has an option to grant and revoke permission at any point in time. Also, there is an option of duration-based access and virtual key access.
  • Auto-open zone: Apart from setting a specific time for the gate to be open. You can also set a special zone, whenever you enter this auto-open zone, the gate will automatically open itself without your involvement in the whole process.
  • Notification: Get notified when someone tries to access your gate and many more.
  • Secured with end-to-end encryption: It uses 256-bit end-to-end encryption between the gate control device and your smartphone.
  • Easy to handle and small-sized: It comes with a square shape design with a size of about 54mm x 54mm x 20mm (2.126in x 2.126in x 0.787).
  • Customizable app: Provides a smartphone app that can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store. With this app, one can rename, select a desirable background color for each gate. That’s not all; you can even handle all the gates and garage doors with this single app.
  • Useful sets of accessories: Remootio not just provides wireless gate control devices but also has different sets of accessories that can add an extra level of protection and security to your house.

How To Check Remootio Compatibility

It is essential that you check whether this device is compatible with your gate opener. 

You don’t want to be on a side where you make a purchase, and after the purchase, you come to know that this device is not compatible with your existing gate garage door opener.

It is a very simple process, to check the compatibility of remootio 2 with your existing opener. Visit the Remootio compatibility checker page and enter your manufacturer or model number.

Even if you don’t find the manufacturer on the list, you can still crosscheck with them by simply contacting them. 

Remootio 2 Installation Guide

Box includes different sets of accessories necessary for installation of remootio 2 device, such as wires, double-sided adhesive, remootio 2 installation guide, and the smart gate sensor. 

Remootio 2 multipack inside the box contents
Step 1: After unboxing the remote control for the gate, Thoroughly go through the remootio 2 instruction manual to get an in-depth overview of the installation process. The printed remootio installation guide can be found on the back of the paper insert.
Step 2: Now, it is time to unscrew the device, use a cross head screwdriver, and remove the screw from its backside. It will open a backside plastic cover.
Step 3: Connect the control output to the appropriate input terminal of your gate or garage door. Different manufacturers use different naming conventions for control input. Please make sure you are aware of it. Even If you find it difficult, contact the support team, and they will help you by providing the correct wiring diagram.
Step 4: Install garage door sensors to terminal 4 of the device. Go through the remootio sensor installation process for easy understanding.
Step 5: Terminal 5 is kept for connecting a push-button, doorbell button, or any other accessories. Insert the other end of accessories to get an alert on your smartphone whenever a certain event is triggered.
Step 6: Once you are done with the above step, now it is time to assemble everything back together. Screw the plastic cover that you have unscrewed in step 2; make sure you are not damaging the wiring while assembling the device.
Step 7: Use a 5V USB power adapter to provide power to the smart gate control system. Even if you don’t have a socket near, you can purchase a power adapter that takes in 110 V AC or 220V AC and convert it to 5V DC.
Step 8: Now, It’s time to test the operation of this device. Download the remootio app from the App Store or Google Play. After installation, enable Bluetooth and pair it with the remootio wireless gate control unit.
Remootio 2 Multipack Wireless Gate Remote Controller Pin diagram
A complete knowledge base of remootio wireless gate controllers contains detailed information about how to use google home, Alexa, smartThings, virtual key sharing, Siri shortcuts, installation process, and many more to make your life easy.

Difference Between Remootio 1 and Remootio 2

Remootio 1 vs Remootio 2
Remootio 1 product image
Remootio 2 Multipack product image
Input Voltage
6-36 VDC | 12-24 VAC
5 VDC only
Control Output
1x Normally Open Relay Output
2x Normally Open Relay Output
3x Input (Sensor and Doorbell Button and Manual Open Button)
2x InputSensor and Doorbell button or Manual open button
Security Virtual Key
256 bit end-to-end encryption – 20 virtual keys (Upgradable)
256 bit end-to-end encryption – 20 virtual keys (Upgradable)

What People Like And Dislike About Wireless Gate Remote Controller

  • Every family member now has access to the house.
  • No worry about giving keys to kids and misplacement.
  • Perfectly work with a mobile phone, voice command over Alexa, and Siri.
  • Great support team – Provide excellent guidance in every step.
  • Amazing product with smaller size, affordable, and with more features than other competitors in the market.
  • Sometimes it takes a while to decide to open and close.
  • Gate doesn’t close automatically after it is being left open for a certain amount of time.
  • The quality of the packaging and printing is decent.
  • The smartphone app looks a little outdated – It needs some updates.

Final Words

Remootio controller for the gate does the perfect job of opening and closing a gate and garage door. There is no doubt that this is the best smart gate opener with great design and at the best budget price.

On top of that, you get excellent remootio customer support, making it easier to install and use.

There is no need for any external bridge or hub to make it functional. Wireless gate remote controllers can be operated using Wi-Fi, Internet or, Bluetooth.

Before buying this wireless gate remote controller. Make sure you check if your garage door or gate opener is compatible with this wireless gate opener or not? Visit the Remootio compatibility checker page to cross-check it or contact them over mail.

Get your remootio 2 today and make your gate and garage doors smart.

Remootio 2 Review | Wireless Gate Remote Controller
Remootio 2 Review | Wireless Gate Remote Controller