Top 10 Best Reusable Decorative Face Masks

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Are you looking for something tacky and safe? Look at the decorative face mask collection that is being mentioned below. This collection is loaded with stylish face masks, designed while keeping in mind the end-users comfort. 

With these fancy face masks, you can rock the parties, gatherings as they are made with two-layer moisture-wicking stretch fabric and cause no breathing issues. You can find several face masks on the internet and at the stores, but these decorative masks with beautiful stitching and prints are present nowhere.

You can be the center of attention, the spark of every party, with these fancy face masks. So, don’t waste your time and grab the mask that goes perfectly with your outfit before it’s sold out.

Thing Need To know before making a purchase

  • All the products can be purchased from the FMCmask official store.
  • All mass dimension are : Height = 5.5″ and Width = 9.5″
  • All of the masks are sold in a set of 5 pcs.
  • All the masks are reusable and can be machine washed up to 45 times.
  • Comes with Adjustable ear loops.
  • All purchase you make is final, and there is no return or exchange.
  • These are Non-medical grade face masks.
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So, without further due, let’s one by one discover the fancy and decorative face masks that you can wear in social gatherings, parties, functions, and many more. 

Top 10 Best Reusable Decorative Face Masks



  • Made from two-layer moisture-wicking stretch fabric.
  • Perfect colors combination.
  • Cool and attractive pattern.
  • Adjustable Earloops

If you are looking to wear something safe and stylish for your kid? Try out this banana mask made with two-layer moisture-wicking stretch fabric and designed perfectly with colors that go with every outfit. This decorative face mask is designed to help prevent germs and give a modish look.

 This fantastic and charming mask covers your face correctly and doesn’t allow any germ to enter, and keeps your kid safe. So purchasing this wonderful product without it is too late.



  • Cool looking checkerboard design.
  • Perfectly goes with black and white outfits.
  • Well, suit for men and women.
  • Adjustable Earloops

This lightweight decorative face mask prevents mold, pollen, dust, and other microscopic airborne particles that come to your mouth or nose. The checkerboard design is suitable for both males and females as it is a neutral pattern that suits both. 

Even if you wash this mask several times, the elasticity will not go away, and it will remain in contact. This stylish face mask will give you a fantastic look at parties and gatherings and will go perfectly fit with black and white dresses. 



  • Perfect to go for the picnic with this mask.
  • Stylish and attractive

If you are going on a picnic with your friends, choose this stylish face mask designed especially for men. 

Now there is no need to cover your face with either blue, white, or green surgical masks when you have other options available at hand.  

This mask does not allow any germ or virus to penetrate through it because of the durable fabric. The print of the mask will not fade away with time as the dye used is washable. 



  • Perfect for evening gatherings and parties.
  • Eye-catching decorative color design pattern.
  • Perfect fancy face masks for wedding

If you are looking for something colorful that fits all your clothes ideally, then get your hand on this decorative face mask. 

It is perfect evening wear that will give you a sassy look along with protecting you from germs. The mask is designed to cover the mouth and nose in an ideal way that it will not allow any harmful organism to enter through the nose or mouth. 

The eye-catching colors like yellow, blue, green, red on a black background add beauty to the product. This reusable mask is designed especially keeping in mind the people who love to wear a funky color at gatherings and parties.



  • Ideal to show your strength, courage, and focus.
  • Perfect for people who have a taste for birds.

If you have a taste for birds, then this decorative face mask is perfect for you. Eagle is a symbol of strength, courage, focus, and power. Show your strength and power just like an eagle by wearing this trendy mask. 

The mask is designed to keep the mouth and nose area covered and save it from germs and bacterias. You can wear this chic mask with any outfit of your choice and increase your wardrobe’s beauty by adding this stunning product to it. 

Don’t waste your time looking for something else when you have an eye-catching mask at just a click distance.



  • Creepy skull design with a beautiful flower on it.
  • Adjustable ear strap for perfect fitting.

Were you searching for something creepy designed beautifully? If yes, then take a look at this skull mask that is surrounded by beautifully colored flowers. These flowers add beauty to the flat skull and symbolize life with death.

Isn’t it a deadly combo? 

Add this decorative face mask to your closet and enhance its beauty a hundred times more. The stuff is super soft and comfy, and the size fits perfectly on every face. The nose and mouth area is covered perfectly without leaving any opening for any particle to enter. 

Save yourself and your loved ones with this perfect mask.



  • Stylish New York mask with the printed city on it.
  • Perfect for every New York lover.

Every American loves New York, and who doesn’t want to wear a mask with a beautiful and attractive picture of the city printed on it.

This reusable mask is designed especially for NY lovers. This decorative mask goes perfectly with every outfit as it has several colors in it. If you have an outfit with the same print on it, you need to wear this matching face mask. Even if you wash the mask several times, the image won’t fade away because the paint used is washable. 

So, don’t wait. Just grab this excellent product right now!



  • No fancy pattern. Only a plain and clean color mask.
  • Perfect for girls who love pink color mask.

Looking for something more girly and chicer, then check this fantastic pink stylish face mask. Unlike other masks, this mask is plain and is made with a triple-layered fabric that will save you from germs or bacterias. 

If your sister or friend’s birthday is coming, then you can give them this perfect mask that will add beauty to their closet. Whether you wear dark or light pink, this color will match perfectly with every shade of pink. 

You can have a gold eye-makeup with this pink face mask and can rock the parties like a shining star.



  • Mask symbolizes justice and freedom.
  • Both men and women can easily pull this mask with any outfit of their choice.

Now that’s a perfect choice for all-time wear. This mask is suitable for everyone, be it men, women, or kids. The American flag symbolizes justice and freedom, so wear this stylish face mask and be patriotic. 

This mask helps you keep away germs, viruses, and bacteria that try to enter your nose or mouth. The blue, red, and white colors will suit perfectly with every color of the outfit. 

It’s easy to slide over the mask just like a scarf over your neck whenever you want to and can pull it up quickly. Get this beauty right away by placing an order!



  • Mask symbolizes justice and freedom.
  • Both men and women can easily pull this mask with any outfit of their choice.

If you want to become a symbol of unconditional love and faith, then get this decorative face mask with a beautiful sunflower on it. The mask is best for the summers as the colors are light and attractive. 

Be the center of everyone’s attention at lunch or outings by wearing this fantastic mask that will enhance your chic look. The colors are beautifully blended into each other, more like a painting than just a picture. Get this mask today and shine like a sunflower.


The masks mentioned above are made with fantastic designs and prints that go perfectly with your everyday wear. Whether you are going for dinners, lunch, parties, picnics, these masks will not only save you from falling ill but will also enhance your beauty. 

The prints will not fade even after several washes, and the color will not dull out. So, don’t waste your time looking for products on the internet when you are getting five masks with such good quality and low price. Add these decorative face masks to your wardrobe to enhance the spark of your daily wear. 

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So, hurry up and get your favorite reusable decorative mask, and don’t forget to apply the discount code at the time of checkout.

Top 10 Best Reusable Decorative Face Masks
Top 10 Best Reusable Decorative Face Masks