Quanta Vici gloves review | Smart Heated Gloves And Socks

One of the biggest problems in winter is facing the cold sensation through our hands and legs. With this cold environment, we get to experience health problems.

Common colds, flu, sore throats are some of the worst situations we get to experience, especially in the winter seasons. Avoiding this kind of situation is easy if one incorporates the right care at the right time and adopts healthy habits in everyday lifestyle.

But even after wearing those ordinary socks or gloves we still get that cold feeling and our body and teeth start to shiver. And in that situation, the only solution is to give our body some form of heat.

Quanta vici Smart Heated Gloves are designed to provide the right amount of heat for your hands that can be adjusted using a smartphone. Let’s understand more about the smart heated gloves by Quanta Vici.

What is Quanta vici Smart Heated Gloves?

Quanta vici design a smart heated wearable that aims to provide a warm for your hands for the full day with a single battery charge. This product is designed by the designer and engineer who are experienced from the world’s best brands like Adidas, BMW, and RALPH LAUREN.

This glove is safe as compared to other heated wearables because it uses multiple sensors to control and maintain the inside temperature to the same degree as set by the user. Apart from that its sage medical-grade components don’t have the ability to heat up and go beyond the set temperature. 

Wearing these warm hand gloves will not create any uncomfortable situations for your skin. It is made from 75% recycled polyester and 25% spandex. Also, its beautiful design and grip texture on the palm prevents any object to slip from fingertips. 

Smart Heated Gloves Specification

Battery Information
CapacityBattery is 7.4V with 2,200 mAh
Battery SizeL*W*T = 6*4*1 CM
Weight111 grams
Charging TypeType C
Size Availability 
Comes in two sizes(S/M) and (L/XL)
Material UseMade from 75% Recycled Polyester and 25% Spandex.
Heating Temperature CapacityUp to 131 °F (55 °C)
Smart heated Glove specification and design

Features of smart heated gloves by Quanta Vici


Smart Heat: Maintains Selected Temperature Degree

To set the desired temperature on electric warm gloves, you need to install an app on your smartphone. After that, you just have to adjust the temperature as per your liking and you are good to use these warming gloves. 

You are not required to adjust the temperature frequently, the app will remember the selection you made. For that, you just have to set it once and you are ready to enjoy the warmness of your warming gloves.

Apart from that, it has a smart-sense apparel control that senses the temperature inside your wearable glove and produces the same temperature you set in the app. 

The inside temperature of smart heated gloves will not be one degree colder or warmer than what you had chosen.

Due to its great accuracy of maintaining the exact degree inside and inbuilt memory system. You are always ready to enjoy the cold weather with these best heat gloves. 


More Powerful: Goes up to 130°F Heat

This Quanta Vici’s Smart Heated Gloves & Socks can go up to 50C / 130F, this is the maximum temperature setting you can set on these heating gloves. 

The heat that is produced gets evenly distributed which provides warmth protection to the most sensitive areas.

With a charge of 100%, you can enjoy electric gloves for about 6.5+ hours. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about the cold weather for at least 6.5 hours because you have Quanta Vici’s Smart Heated Gloves & Socks with you.


Battery Capabilities & Charging

With this heated wearable, you can easily keep yourself warm for the whole day. It ensures 6.5+ hours of battery life and to charge it, you can make use of a USB-C charger, which will be easy and fast to charge.

Having a hassle-free charging option ensures availability. Even if you don’t have access to an electric power supply, you can make use of a power bank to charge it.



Quanta Vici’s beautiful thin look and comfort in everyday use ensure personalizable heat. Also, it is breathable for a long time

Also, It has smartphone-friendly fingertips and touch grips made from premium material which is 75% recycled polyester and 25% spandex.

Apart from that, its arch support compression ensures blood flow and comfort while using it. 

Features of smart heated gloves by quanta vici

Additional features of Quanta Vici’s warming gloves



This warming glove is designed for IP67 and if you don’t know what IP67 means: The IP67 product provides protection against solid objects such as sand, dust, and other particles. Also, products are functional up to a certain limit when they are introduced into the water.

Because of that you are free to use these battery gloves in weather situations and can even wash them by temporarily removing the batteries.


Anti Lost/Theft Notification

It is common to forget our stuff when we are in deep conversation or when we are focused on particular things.

Well, in this kind of situation. Your smartphone will act as a second person to remind you, it will notify you to take your favorite gloves. 

This is not the end of the feature list. You get around 30+ features with these products. This includes voice commands, temperature reading, temperature reading, battery time estimate, and so on.

Also, the company regularly provides an automatic free software update to constantly improve the features and performance of this product. So, the support for these battery gloves heated never ends!

User experiences after using these thin electric gloves?

People who have bought this product have appreciated this product not only because of its comforts and ability to provide heat but also because this product has solved the problems which they were facing in their day-to-day life.

Here are some of the things they have experienced while using these warming gloves.

These Quanta vici gloves and socks don’t just heat up, they keep the temperature that you set for a longer time compared to other products.
You don’t have to worry about how cold it is when you are walking on campus and if your toes start to freeze if you have these heated gloves.
The relief it provides is the best. In other words, it acts as a painkiller.
This product is freaking fantastic in keeping warm in the feet. It provides the right amount of heat which one requires which one can’t get even after wearing so many socks or gloves.
Quanta Vici gloves review | Smart Heated Gloves And Socks
Quanta Vici gloves review | Smart Heated Gloves And Socks