Seinxon’s Wallet Finder Review: Stop Losing Your Wallet

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Wallet is the place where we keep most of our important belongings. In most cases we keep our driving license and other identity documents inside it. And by mistake one loses it becomes a most frustrating and most stressful experience.

What if there is a cool gadget that can help you tackle this kind of situation. We all will definitely feel relaxed, right?

In this article you will get the in depth review of this Seinxon’s Wallet Finder that prevents individuals from losing their wallets and other personal belongings.

What is a Wallet Finder?

Wallet Finder is a small, card size electronic device that is specially designed for individuals who constantly have a tension of losing a wallet. This device uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone. By which you can access the additional functionality and use these gadgets to its full potential.

The device is equipped with lots of features such as alerts, lost notification and others to help individuals in tricky situations.

Feature and specification

Below are the list of key features and specifications you get to see in the Seinxon’s Wallet Finder.

  • Slim design : It comes in the stylish design, color and attractive look. Also it has a slim body with measurements of 0.063 x 2.13 x 3.37 inches. Which is easy to carry and can easily fit into your wallets.
  • Easy to use : It uses the bluetooth tracking functionality to find your nearby wallets. In addition to that it can also work with both Apple Find My and the Seinxon App.
  • Just Charge twice in a year : The finder comes with the non-removable rechargeable battery. That can last for up to 6 months with a single full charge.
  • Various indicators : The device comes with the light, sounds and map navigation to find the exact location of your items. Which provide multiple clues to track the exact location.
  • Waterproof : It has an IP68 waterproof rating, which enables you to use it in every season. The device will work perfectly even if it gets exposed to water. 
  • Easy to find even at night time : It has a flashing light alert and beep sound alert to help you find the exact location even in dark places.
  • RFID Blocking (Pro Max Version) : This feature you only get in the pro version which adds an extra layer of security to the card.
  • Durable : It is Anti-Beating which can handle pressure, bending and corrosion. Ensuring longer life and use.

Benefits of Using it

Using a such devices provide a range of benefits, including:

  • Peace of mind: With a wallet finder, you can be assured that you always know where your wallet is? thus, reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Time-saving: Searching for a lost wallet can be time-consuming, but a wallet finder can help you find it very quickly and easily, saving your time and hassle.
  • Increased security: Losing your wallet can put your personal information and identity at risk, but tools like this can help you locate it before it falls into the wrong hands.
  • Convenience: A wallet finder is a convenient tool to make your daily routine smoother and more efficient.

How does the Seinxon help locate lost items?

place wallet finder in your pocket

The device is equipped with lots of features and functionalities that allow multiple methods to find the exact location of wallets. Here is how it helps find your lost items.

  • Gives Location update within bluetooth range : When the device is connected through the bluetooth technology. It regularly checks and updates the location of the items. And in case your connection gets lost and you move away. The app will show you the last updated location.
  • Sound and light identification feature : The sound and light alert help identify the precise location. These audible and visual cues are especially useful in dark locations.
  • Map Navigation : The app also has the map service. Which allows you to navigate to the last known location where the app has registered the presence of your item.
  • Reverse lookup for phone : If you have the access to wallet finder but by mistake you have kept your phone and you are unable to get it. Then in that case, You can press and hold the button on the seinxon item finder and make the phone ring.

Battery Life

The wallet finder comes with the non-removable rechargeable battery. Which means the battery is very well embedded inside the credit card size wallet finder. Once you fully charge it, it can last for up to 6 months. Which means you just have to charge 2 times in the full year.

This extended battery capacity almost reduces the need of frequently charging. You can be worry free, relax and have a peace of mind.

Charging process

To get started, get a 5V 1A adapter which provides a Type-C charging cable. Once you grab that head over to the charger clip and connect the type-c to the adapter and start charging.

There are multiple light indicators that help you understand the exact state of the finder card. Here is how you can determine the exact state of the card.

  • If light blinks red and blue and changes its colors, it means the card is not charging. The possible cause could be loose connection of misalignment. 
  • If the red light continues blinking it signifies the card is currently in charge.
  • If the light turns green and remains the same, it indicates the battery is fully charged and you can remove it from charging.

Purpose of disable mode

Disable mode is nothing but the power saving mode which allows the user to conserve power and extend battery life. This can be primarily useful when one doesn’t want to use the functionality.

Here is how you can activate and deactivate the disable mode:

  • To enable the disable mode, press and hold the button on the Seinxon Item Finder until you get to hear the specific sequence of beep sound. 
  • To exit the disable mode, you again have to press the button. Otherwise, restore the device to factory settings.

What permission is asked by the Seinxon app?

To get better performance and accuracy the app asks for a couple of permissions on your device. You will get the permission popup once you open the app for the first time. Here is the breakdown of the permission asked by the app and why it is required.

  • Location permission : The location permission is required to provide the accurate location of the item.
  • Bluetooth Permission : This is required to set up the connection between your Seinxon Item Finder and Seinxon app.
  • Camera permission : The app has a functionality to access the remote camera feature. And to use that you need to provide this permission.
  • Storage Permission : This is required to store some of the app data to the local phone storage. 
  • Phone Permission : This permission is required by the reverse lookup feature of the wallet finder.
  • Notification permission : The alert and notifications required the notification permission. Apart from that it also shows the status of their connected devices, location updates, or other relevant information.

Differences between Wallet Finder and Key Finder?

Losing the wallet is stressful

Both devices are primarily designed to help you locate your personal belongings. But they are different with respect to design, feature and intended use. 

Here are some key differences between them.

FeatureWallet FinderKey Finder
Dimensions0.067 x 2.13 x 3.37 inchesGenerally smaller, with dimensions of 0.106 x 1.54 x 2.13 inches
RFID BlockingThe Pro Max version comes with RFID blocking functionality,Does not typically include RFID blocking,
Keychain HoleDoes not have a keychain hole, as it’s primarily designed for placement in wallets.includes a keychain hole, allowing users to easily attach it to keys or other items with a keyring.
Intended UseSpecifically designed for use in wallets or similar items to help locate wallets.Perfect to attach to keyrings or other items like bags or other valuables.
8.5Expert Score
Quickly Find Your Wallet

Seinxon Wallet Finder will definitely impress you with its compact design, quick solution to your problem of tracking wallets. The app helps you to use this device to its full potential. The non-removable rechargeable battery will also impress you as you just have to charge once and you can use it for almost 6 months. Apart from that the IP68 waterproof rating, flashing lights and beeps, make it a perfect tool for practical use.

Dimensions (Size)
RFID Blocking
Keychain Hole
Intended Use
Bluetooth Tracker Compatibility
Battery Life
Nighttime Visibility Features
App Features
Overall Durability
Ease of Use
  • Compact Design
  • Bluetooth Tracker Compatibility
  • Easy to use
  • Long Battery Life
  • Nighttime Visibility Features
  • No Keychain Hole
  • Fixed size card


Is the battery inside the Wallet Finder replaceable or rechargeable?

The wallet finder comes with the non-removable rechargeable battery. This battery is embedded inside the card itself. With a single full charge you can use it for almost 6 months.

What is the use of Remote camera functionality?

The app offers the functionality of remote camera capturing feature. By this, you can take the photos using a mobile device by interacting with the item finder. This is useful to capture the image especially in the crowded or hard to reach areas.
Seinxon’s Wallet Finder Review: Stop Losing Your Wallet
Seinxon’s Wallet Finder Review: Stop Losing Your Wallet

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