AI Content Detectors: Tools for Identifying AI-Generated Text

GPTZero: This tool identifies AI-generated content, underlines it, and offers a plagiarism score for papers. It's easy to integrate into existing systems and is used by universities like NYU and Purdue. A free AI content detection tool that accurately distinguishes human-written from AI-generated text, including content produced by GPT models.

ZeroGPT Detector: This free tool determines if a piece of writing was created by AI or a human. It's useful for authors, students, teachers, and freelancers.

ContentDetector.AI: Detects AI-generated text and potential plagiarism, providing a probability score for identifying ChatGPT-generated content.

Content at Scale AI: Uses machine learning to spot AI-written content by identifying patterns such as word repetition and an unnatural flow.

AI Checker Tool: Identifies AI-generated text in various languages, including English, Spanish, French, and German, and provides a breakdown of AI-generated portions.

GPTSafe: Claims 95% accuracy in determining AI-generated content and offers rewriting to make AI-generated text sound more human.

Winston AI: Detects inappropriate content in books and textbooks with a 94% success rate, also offering plagiarism checking.

Originality.AI: A plagiarism detector with a 96% accuracy rate, designed for SEO, content marketing, and digital publishing.

InterestedinAI: Offers an AI Content Detector Tool to check if content was entirely AI-generated, addressing concerns about disinformation and fake news.