Tesla new Cybertruck Details

Tesla new Cybertruck Details

Elon Musk shared updates on the Cybertruck's progress during a recent earnings call.

Designed to fit in a standard 20-foot garage, the Cybertruck measures under 19 feet.

The Cybertruck offers a more spacious interior compared to electric trucks like the Ford F-150.

Tesla provides three Cybertruck versions with varying driving ranges to cater to diverse preferences.

Tesla's Texas factory has manufactured 10 million specialized battery cells exclusively for the Cybertruck.

Over 1.7 million pre-orders for the Cybertruck were placed, each requiring a $100 reservation fee.

Production delays have pushed the Cybertruck's release to 2023 from the initial 2021 target.

To compete with Tesla, Ford reduced prices for its electric F-150 trucks.

Tesla is conducting global testing of the Cybertruck, aiming to start production later this year.