Excessive heat in the stomach

A heat imbalance in the body, particularly in the stomach region, is known as excessive heat in the stomach.

Indigestion, acid reflux, heartburn, bloating, nausea, and vomiting are signs of an overheated stomach.

Eating spicy, fried, and fatty foods might make your stomach overly warm.

Too much alcohol, coffee, or carbonated drinks can make the stomach feel hot and uncomfortable.

Excessive stomach heat can also be caused by stress and anxiety.

Yogurt, cucumber, and watermelon are all cooling foods that can help reduce excessive stomach heat.

Chilled or at room temperature water might also help lower excessive stomach heat.

Stress and anxiety can be reduced by using relaxation techniques like deep breathing or meditation, which will also assist in reducing the amount of heat in the stomach.

Additionally, massaging the stomach region might aid in improving digestive health and reduce excessive heat.

Consuming herbs like mint, coriander, and fennel can assist in cooling the stomach's excessive heat.

Regular exercise and maintaining a healthy weight can also aid in controlling the stomach's temperature and preventing overheating.